Link to Spectral Masters Digital Imaging - Our Service Company
Link To Spectral Masters Digtital Imaging - Our Service Company
The United States Patent and Trade Mark Office recently advised that Spectral Masters, Inc. CEO Larry Kleiman was granted patent number 6,771,400, Hyperspectral System For Capturing Graphical Images.

"We are pleased the PTO recognized our research and made an allowance for our hyperspectral imaging technology, the first such system for the graphic arts market," said Kleiman.

"Our graphical scanning system crosses a significant threshold, moving the quality standards for commercial capture of color images from a craft bound trade to a scientifically based method," continued Kleiman.

"As we have other patent applications related to image capture using hyperspectral techniques in the works, Spectral Masters is positioned to become a major supplier of this technology to the graphical imaging industry and beyond," Kleiman stated.

A press release announcing the patent grant is available in PDF format.
Spectral Masters, Inc. presents its digital imaging technology and scientific-grade hyperspectral tools and techniques to the graphic arts, defense and medical industries.

Hyperspectral Technology
Hyperspectral Technology (HT) is associated with Spectroscopy, or the physics of the Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum. More specifically, HT is based upon the physics of Spectrophotometry, the study of EMR found between 360 and 830 nanometers, often called Visible Light.

Spectrophotometric physics concerns itself with, among other things, making reproducible measurements by applying four natural phenomena associated with visible light: Reflection; the bending or folding of light rays, Refraction; deflecting light rays by passing them through dissimilar media at an angle, Diffraction; modification of light rays passing through or reflecting off ruled surfaces, and Dispersion; separating light rays into visible bands perceived by humans as hues.

HT also utilizes two engineering disciplines associated with spectrophotometric physics: Photometry; the measurement of light intensity and Colorimetry; specifying numerically the color of a visual stimulus by defining the spectral radiant power distribution of the stimulus.

Spectral Masters, Inc. applies spectral science and related engineering disciplines in innovative ways to create tools, methods and techniques for image capture and reproduction.
3.5 MB Download of CIELAB TIFF File
TOP- Eagle by Dean Rhoads, scanned on the XYZ Observer Model 5B and saved as a CIELAB-encoded (D50/2) TIFF file. Displayed here in JPEG format.
BOTTOM - World Trade Center, also scanned by the Model 5B and converted to JPEG for display on the web. LEFT CLICK on either image to download CIELAB TIFF file (D50/2). NO RGB.
5 MB Download of CIELAB TIFF file
13.2 MB Download of CIELAB TIFF file
RIGHT - Kodak Q-60 Ektachrome Chart, scanned from original 4" x 5" transparency by the XYZ Observer Model 5B. Downloadable as a D50/2 CIELAB-encoded TIFF. Confirm your software can recognize a TIFF file encoded as CIELAB. The downloadable file is not in RGB format. LEFT CLICK TO DOWNLOAD CIELAB FILE